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12 Jun 2022

Artrix PRO – Your guide in digital printing exploration

One of digital textile printing technology pioneer, d.gen Inc. has announced the Artrix PRO – the sticky belt model in the Artrix series that incorporates performance and usability to meet the needs of the fast fashion and home deco textile market for flexibility and sustainability. With its 8 latest Ricoh Gen6 print heads, the Artrix PRO reaches typical print speed of 133 square meters per hour (600x600 dpi – 2 pass).

Artrix PRO improves productivity by reducing downtime and helps stable operation with minimal maintenance allowing smooth operation with simple touch of the screen. Artrix PRO will continue to be the ideal choice for the companies looking to move into digital printing as well as more experienced companies to improve productivity to expand their businesses.

Bruno Ruggiero, sales director of global sales and marketing, said: “We have pioneered digital pigment printing market in the past few years and helped the customers become familiar with the digital printing technologies with pigment inks. Based upon those user experience we gained from the customers and with the strong request from them, we are proud to introduce our new Artrix PRO in the market. We believe it will satisfy the needs of better productivity and improved printing quality. Our advanced media feeding system and powerful in-line dryer would be able to handle most of sophisticated fabrics as well”

High productivity and print quality

The Artrix PRO provides high throughput by adopting fast jetting frequency of 35KHz from Ricoh’s Gen6 print heads combined with 1um metal optical encoder. Ricoh’s Gen6 heads provide very precise jetting straightness so that the user could feel and experience impressive quality of print images. dgen also provides color profiling assistance with its own experienced engineers to maximize quality of customers’ creative images. Artrix PRO uses optimal waveforms for each colours to best perform its print heads’ capabilities and this results in the very low quantity of wasted inks to help seamless printing operations.

Stable and easy operation 

Stable operation is realized with the adoption of degassing module system at the optimal place close to the print heads. This enables free flow of inks not to block print head nozzles to cause clogging. As this will minimize the downtime to clean the print heads, it will contribute to get higher productivity as well.

In case the customer wants to adjust jetting frequency, Artrix PRO’s smart operating softwares enable automatic bidirectional settings. This software also enables automatic bidirectional settings depending on carriage height adjustment. Auto modes for fabric press roller, washing unit with auto water supply on/off and belt wiper are available to help easy operations. Smart temperature management of whole belt system helps easy management of glues to stick to various types of fabrics and assures extended glue life. Edge Position Control(EPC) sensor senses the media’s edge to move the feeding unit sideways to align it with the printing area.

Powerful and versatile in-line dryer

Pneumatic piston system allows adjustment of wide range of dancing bar pressures depending on various types of fabrics and belt stickiness. Adjustable front roller helps easy removal of fabrics from the belt. Powerful in-line dryer will ensure drying performance for the most of fabrics.

The Artrix PRO is available from June 2022.

Artrix PRO Key Points:

  • Printheads: 8 Ricoh Gen6 print heads.
  • Productivity: Typical print speed of 133 sqm/h (600x600 dpi – 2 pass)
  • Resolution: up to 1800 dpi.
  • Width: 180 cm.
  • Ink colors: 8.
  • Inks types: Pigment water-based inks (OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified)
  • Ink capacity per color: 5 liters.
  • Available colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Scarlet Red, Blue, Light Cyan and Light Magenta

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