HYBRID! printing on both paper and fabric is possible
Max. 80㎡/hour by 1200 dpi resolution 

The Papyrus high speed and high quality helps you to surpass your competitors with 6 color expanded gamut printing.

The printer’s speed is determined by the number of dots per inch per color.

The Papyrus arete is equipped with best print heads in this class with 1280 nozzles per color, giving a native resolution of 600dpi.
Papyrus arete can print 1200 dpi high resolution images with only 2 passes, at a speed of 80 ㎡/hour. High capacity media management allows for all night long non-stop printing without reloading media.

*based on paper rolls with a maximum diameter of 30 cm.
In addition, We use the latest technology in printheads jetting a 2.5 Pico liter drop size providing high definition and superior image quality together with 6 colors. Furthermore, technologically advanced grey scale waveforms deliver smooth prints without dithering.

Jumbo rolls feeder for printing 1500㎡/day, every day, no loss and low-cost production. 

Papyrus recognizes the continuous change of weight and diameter while printing through the flexible tension control system that allows printing over 1500㎡, every day.

Integrated with a powerful dryer, the prints are completely dried before rewinding to prevent loss, greatly.

Internal air circulation system 

Papyrus is equipped with fans and filters at the backside and roof to remove the ink mist, protect the sensible electronics and secure the printer’s stability.

Maintenance unit

The side wiper eliminates the dust on the print head. The well-designed capping station is equipped with strong vacuum and automated nozzle cleaners that prevents nozzle blockage, keeping the print head clean all the time for longer lifetime.

2kg continuous ink supply system  

2 kg ink cartridges connected with the 500g sub-tanks for overnight non-stop printing. Inks are refillable during printing.


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